New! Topping B200 NFCA Mono Block 200W

New! Topping B200 NFCA Mono Block 200W

The B200 is a mono post amplifier designed for music lovers with the advantages of high power and low distortion to provide users with a pure listening experience.

As an NFCA discrete power amplifier, it breaks through the traditional performance limitations and significantly improves the noise control and reproduction capability.

B200 has a surging output power of up to 200W, which is suitable for all kinds of large speakers and provides two gain options to flexibly match different needs, with a dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio of 145dB, THD+N<0.000075%@4Ω5W. B200 can be flexibly matched with TOPPING’s decoder to realize zero-distortion listening experience; it can also be matched with Pre90 preamplifier or TOPPING’s headphone amplifier with preamplifier function to form a high-power combination set.


price soon annouced!


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