Gustard H16 Review by Audioscience review

Gustard H16 Review by Audioscience review

The race in building the most perfect DAC and headphone amplifier has been beautiful to watch. We have achieved what I call “instrument grade” performance, going way beyond any level of transparency we could ever aspire. Tons and tons of power is available which provides incredibly fun moments where you dare to lose a few hair cells in order to have nirvana. What can I say: perfection is what you get. The Gustard H16 delivers on all of these promises in addition to perfect channel matching through its relay controlled digital volume. And ability to use it with remote.

There is a small performance penalty relative to top of the class products here. As a practical matter it does not register but as numbers go, you have given up a tiny bit here and there. And then there is that slight audible ticking sound in the volume range.

I have become such a perfectionist that the above two items kept me from giving the H16 my highest rating. But I ultimately made a call and that was that. Your priority will be different than mine.

Overall, I am very happy to recommend the Gustard H16.


review by Amir from audioscience review

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