NEW! Gustard X30 4x ES9039SPRO dac streamer

NEW! Gustard X30 4x ES9039SPRO dac streamer

Superior Audio Decoding with ES9039SPRO x4

The DAC-X30 employs four ESS flagship ES9039SPRO chips, utilizing two chips per channel to create a fully balanced architecture. This design includes completely independent power supplies and grounding for each channel, ensuring optimal performance and pristine sound quality.

Advanced DSP Digital Filter

Using the Analog Device SHARC DSP platform, the DAC-X30 features a newly developed high-performance digital filter. This filter employs high-precision floating-point 64-bit operations and advanced anti-aliasing noise algorithms to significantly reduce in-band aliasing noise, resulting in superior sound quality.

K2 Synthesizer Synchronized Clock Implant Technology

The DAC-X30 integrates a high-precision clock signal from either a local OCXO clock or an external 10M clock for synchronous decoding. This technology minimizes the system’s dependence on front-end clock performance, enhancing overall audio quality.

FPGA Programmable Logic Chip

The FPGA chip in the DAC-X30 manages clock functions, 2nd PLL digital shaping, DOP demodulation, PCM/DSD depop switch, and more, providing a robust foundation for exceptional sound quality.

High Current I/V-Converter and Parallel Connection Circuit

Designed to convert the current from the DAC into an analog voltage, this circuit fully meets the high current demands of the ES9039PRO chip.

Discrete Class A Analog LPF Circuit

The analog LPF circuit is specifically designed for the ES9039PRO chip, utilizing discrete Class A components. This allows for flexible adjustment of each component’s parameters, optimizing performance and controlling distortion, resulting in superior sound quality.

Passive Analog Preamp

Featuring R2R relay volume adjustment, the DAC-X30 ensures sound quality remains intact. It can directly connect to active studio monitors or power amplifiers, allowing for convenient remote control adjustments.

Self-Developed Bridge System with CelWare 3.x

The DAC-X30’s music playback system is built on a Linux kernel optimized for I/O depth, reducing audio data forwarding delay and jitter. This system supports Roon, AirPlay, UPnP, NAA, and Spotify, with configurable protocols and online upgrade capabilities.

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