Topping L50 Review at Audio science review Hit after hit!

Topping L50 Review at Audio science review Hit after hit!

Exceptional performance yet again, almost in the top position of our rankings for SINAD:

Here are our noise specs which are stellar:

This is what great SINAD does for you at the top of the class: incredibly low noise where you need it with sensitive IEMs:

Anyone who says SINAD is not important doesn’t understand this dynamic, pun intended.

My standard for power output is 100 milliwatts and the L50 sails way past that which is great.

This is a ton of power coming out of this little box.

Listening Tests
Surprise, surprise, the L50 aces my subjective tests. What can I say. Whether I used the Sennheiser HD650 or Drop Ether CX, there was incredibly clarity, detail, authoritative bass, etc. My ears would scream before the amplifier even got barely unhappy as far as volume.

Hit after hit is the expression that always comes to mind when testing Topping products. Engineering done properly would be another saying. Compare this to many high-end products which barely get verified at all to see if they are what they think they are (transparent and well engineered). We do have some departure in form factor and functionality most of which are positive in my view. You get more choices and more to decide. :)

It is my pleasure to recommend the Topping L50.

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