Topping E30 II DAC Review By Audio science review

Topping E30 II DAC Review By Audio science review

This is review and detailed measurements of the Topping E30 II DAC. It was sent to me by the company and costs US 149,-

Topping E30II DAC review stereo USB.jpg

The single “SEL” button powers on the unit (touch sensitive) and selects input. Some combination of power cycling and that button lets you change menu settings but bets to use the included remote:

Topping E30II DAC review remote back panel stereo USB.jpg

There is no power supply included. There is a USB to 5 volt barrel connector giving you the choice of how you feed it. I started with my USB hub built into the monitor but got the best results with a Samsung USB charger. Your situation may vary as you don’t have an analyzer in front of the unit.

Topping E30 II Measurements
This our dashboard using Toslink input:

Topping E30II DAC Measurement stereo USB.png

And now USB:

Topping E30II DAC USB Measurement stereo.png

Depending on grounding, I could almost get up to 118 dB SINAD. But going with what we have, performance is still excellent:

best budget stereo DAC.png

Here is our dynamic range:

Topping E30II DAC DNR Measurement stereo USB.png

And IMD test:

Topping E30II DAC Measurement IMD stereo USB.png

Jitter performance is very good with USB input:

Topping E30II DAC USB Jitter Measurement stereo.png

But both Toslink and Coax showed significant 250 Hz jitter components:

Topping E30II DAC USB Jitter toslink coax Measurement stereo.png

As noted, these are inaudible though as the typical level is below threshold of hearing/masked.

Linearity shows a hair noise but otherwise is excellent:

Topping E30II DAC USB linearity Measurement stereo.png

Multitone test highlights the very low levels of distortion:

Topping E30II DAC USB Multitone Measurement stereo.png

Here are the included filters:

Topping E30II DAC USB Filter Measurement stereo.png

Using the default F2, we get this wideband distortion+noise vs frequency:

Topping E30II DAC USB THD+N vs Frequency Measurement stereo.png

Not state of the art but still very good.

Great to see my favorite “orange LED” DAC updated. Performance is improved across the board compared to Topping E30. Yet the price has hardly changed. We are talking about near state of the art performance in a finished DAC selling for just 149,- With good looks to go with it.

I am a bit bothered by Toslink and Coax Jitter. AKM chip used here doesn’t resample as ESS does so any issues there travel right through the DAC. Fortunately it is not an audible concern and for someone like me who uses USB as the primary input, non-issue.

I am going to put the Topping E30 II on my recommended list.

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