Topping A90 The Discrete Benchmark

Topping A90 The Discrete Benchmark

Since TOPPING announced A90 in 2020, it has been praised as the top-class amplifier and regarded as the best SELLER!

“Mr. Clean.” “The Giant Killer.” “The Best Amp Ever.” These are a few of nicknames the TOPPING A90

TOPPING always brings amazing products with full high-performance functions, and A90 Discrete is no exception.

the benchmark by most all other solid state amplifiers

TOPPING A90 vs TOPPING A90D Comparison Chart – Apos Audio

Let’s see what’s special about this new A90 Discrete!


A fully discrete balanced amplifier

As its name, A90 Discrete ( A90D ) uses fully discrete components to redesign the NFCA module.

4 built-in NFCA Discrete modules each uses 39 transistors to build up a fully balanced structure.

The optimized Voltage Current hybrid feedback architecture along with UHGF technology provides excellent DC and AC performance.

Benefiting from the new design, the output capability is stronger than ever, which allows the amp to drive low impedance headphones, even more effortlessly.

The paralleled ultra-low noise precision-matched transistors in the design ensured unparalleled distortion and noise performance.

A90D combines with the 4-pin XLR, 4.4mm balanced, and 3.5mm SE headphone jack, which is compatible with your almost headphones/earphones.

Meanwhile, it gives enough power to your full-size headphones due to the high-out voltage, high current, low impedance, and High/Low gain settings.

In addition, it also maintains ultra-low distortion outputting under a high power load.

Get upset with the ground loop ever?

A90D adds a GND/LIFT switch to solve this problem.

The ground loop noise can be eliminated by switching to LIFT.

Only one role? Of course not!

A90D not only features a headphone amplifier, but also a pre-amplifier!

When it is in preamp mode, the headphone amp mode keeps as well and provided the same high performance.

The output impedance of 20ohm SE and 40ohm balanced are widely suitable for various power amplifiers. You can use both features separately or at the same time.

A90D uses an R2R volume control composed of relays and resistor networks, bringing the advantages of precise control, longevity, complete channel balanced, and remote control.

A bonus feature is memorizing, you needn’t reset the previous preferred setting anymore!

Besides, the detailed page showed you more incredible parameters, just move to the A90d on our website.

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