Spotify HiFi is the long-awaited introduction of CD quality.

Spotify HiFi is the long-awaited introduction of CD quality.

Spotify HiFi is the much anticipated introduction of the popular music streaming service to CD quality streaming.

It is scheduled to launch in 2021 – fingers crossed, very soon – and will allow Spotify Premium subscribers to ‘upgrade’ their membership so that they can listen to higher quality audio streams, without loss.

According to Spotify, “high-quality music streaming” has always been one of the most requested new features from users. But after years of waiting for Spotify HiFi to come out after an initial teaser in 2017, we recently wondered if it would ever get the green light…

Finally, on February 22, 2021, the company officially announced Spotify HiFi to the world at its ‘Stream On’ event. More recently, a leaked video gave us a glimpse of HiFi. And now we wait…

Spotify has promised to launch Spotify HiFi “later this year”, but that’s as specific as it has been. It hasn’t said exactly when in 2021, but the wording may suggest it will be closer to the end of the year rather than imminent.

Swedish audio streaming company Spotify announced in February 2021 that it will roll out Spotify HiFi via its Stream On blog post. The world’s largest music streaming service provider revealed in its column that it had designs at a CD-quality subscription level.

Sources gathered from credible outlets suggest that the release of the new version could be just around the corner. The report gained ground after a Redditor leaked alleged footage of the onboarding process for Spotify HiFi.

While music makers and fans around the world called for a high-quality music streaming platform, Spotify has developed HiFi to cater to the demands of its user base.

Spotify HiFi delivers music in CD quality, lossless audio format alongside Spotify Connect compatible speakers, which will reproduce sound with immense depth and clarity.

Spotify is also working to make this platform accessible to all its users. Spotify puts ubiquity as one of the founding principles of its policy, partnering with some of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers.

The Hi-Fi version, when enabled, automatically adjusts the sound control on the user’s device and delivers Hi-Fi audio.

The leaked introductory tour gives a taste of the new layout and features that HiFi will bring.

The video also suggests using compatible Spotify Connect devices to enjoy high-resolution music directly from your device.

The new high-end version will surpass Spotify Premium in terms of audio quality. Since it is supposed to provide raw quality to its users, the customizations and delivery will put it at a higher price point than the existing paid version.

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