NEW! Xduoo TA-66 Headphone Tube Amp

NEW! Xduoo TA-66 Headphone Tube Amp

We’re thrilled to introduce the XduooTA66 an OTL headphone tube amp that merges classic engineering with the convenience of modern components.


Rather than use a PCB, this amp uses point-to-point wiring, a traditional technique that connects every component together with copper wiring.

xDuoo TA-66 OTL Tube Amplifier – Apos

This old-school engineering method paired with modern amenities like a step-by-step volume potentiometer results in an amp that revives the spirit of golden-age tube amps with a contemporary sensibility.

Product highlights

  • 6N2 tube for the pre-amp stage
  • 6N5P tube for the buffer stage
  • Point-to-point wiring for minimal interference and pure sound
  • Step-by-step volume potentiometer for precise volume control
  • Aux out preamp for enhanced sound quality in your audio system
  • Professional-grade resistances and capacitors for uncolored sound
  • Solid aluminum alloy shell and sandblasted texture panel for durability and interference

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