Nagaoka new pickup series JT-80 at Hifistudio79

Nagaoka new pickup series JT-80 at Hifistudio79

Nagaoka introduces two new MM pickups in the Jeweltone series: the JT-80BK (Black) and the JT-80LB (Lapis Blue).

Both pickups have been developed from scratch and are supposed to embody the design of future Nagaoka pickups, as was the case with the JT-1210, exclusively manufactured for Technics.

The JT-80LB (Lapis Blue), featuring a shiny blue underside, is the basic model of the series and has an aluminum cantilever with a set diamond. MSRP: 229 €*

All in black, the JT-80BK (Black) is the top model in the new series. A naked diamond with an elliptical cut is attached to its boron cantilever. MSRP: 595 €*

Both models of the series are to be available this winter*. The first will be the JT-80BK (Black), which will be available in Germany from November onwards. An exact delivery date of the JT-80LP (Lapis Blue) has not yet been announced*.

Technical Data according to the Manufacturer:

JT-80LB (Lapis Blue)

JT-80BK (Black)


Moving Magnet

Moving Magnet


5,0 mV (5 cm/sec)

3,0 mV (5 cm/sec)

Frequency Characteristic

20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

Channel Separation

23 dB (@1 Khz)

25 dB (@1 Khz)

Channel Balance

< 1,5 dB

< 1,0 dB




Needle Tip

Ellipse / Joined Diamond (0,4 × 0,7 mm)

Ellipse / Diamond (0,4 × 0,7 mm)

Stylus Pressure

1,3 g – 1,8 g

1,3 g – 1,8 g


6,9 g

6,7 g

Replacement Needle

JTS-80LB (MSRP 149 €*)

JTS-80BK (MSRP 395 €*)

*Availability and Prices for The Netherlands.

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