LUDIC HERA loudspeakercable available

LUDIC HERA loudspeakercable available

LUDIC HERA speaker cable available

There is little competition on the market in terms of price quality, a very nicely finished cable that, in the Ludic line, delivers a lot of quality for a really affordable price, Ludic proves again that quality does not have a hefty price tag.

The Hera series features better conductivity and well-known technologies such as multiple shielding, high-grade isolation and connectors, therefore giving you a big upgrade on your audio / visual system at home, at very low costs.

Interchangeable connectors, so change with ease the connectors from Spade to Banana or vice versa …. this is something you dont see a lot in this price-range.

8x Spade and 8x banana connectors are enclosed in your order.

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