D30Pro version V2.44 firmware update

D30Pro version V2.44 firmware update

This firmware is only for D30Pro. If the firmware of your D30Pro is already V2.44, then your D30Pro needn’t this update. Please confirm again that this is the firmware of D30Pro and is NOT applicable to any other models. If this firmware is flashed to other models, it will immediately cause the product to be unusable and unable to repair by yourself.

The firmware version of your D30Pro could be check at this tool.


What’s updated:
1, Fix the issue that the remote could only select 7 filter modes while the system menu could have 9.
2, Fix the issue that the D30Pro will not remember settings if shut it down by cutting the power input directly.


After updating this firmware, D30Pro will have totally 9 filters, F1-F5 from CS43198 and TOPPING define F6-F9, they are:

F-1 Fast roll off linear
F-2 Fast roll off minimum (Default)
F-3 Slow roll off linear
F-4 Slow roll off minimum
F-5 No over sampling
F-6 Ultra-fast roll off linear
F-7 Ultra-fast roll off minimum
F-8 Brick-wall linear
F-9 Brick-wall minimum

Firmware and tools for Windows: Download here (This update requires a Windows 10 OS with V4.82 or higher drivers installed. Drivers could be download here).

Firmware and tools for MAC: Download here


If you have questions about the upgrade of your D30Pro, please contact us before updating this firmware.

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