Audio science WiiM Mini Wifi/Bluetooth streamer review

Audio science WiiM Mini Wifi/Bluetooth streamer review

This is a review and detailed measurements of the WiiM Mini Wifi/Bluetooth streamer. It is on kind loan from a member and is on sale on Amazon for 89,-.

Wiim Mini Review Digital Out Wifi Analog Streamer Android Bluetooth.jpg

As you can see the former factor is a “hockey puck.” An included phone charger needs to be used to power the unit over USB-C. It did not work so when I used my computer USB port.

Initial setup is by connecting using Bluetooth and the available App. I connected using BT but the Android app would not see it. I had to shut off BT and turn it back on for it to recognize it. While this is disappointing, I have had similar issues with other streamers. Once there, the app was reliable and gave me the option of configuring Toslink output for bit exact and its maximum sample rate which I appreciated. It also updated the device on first connection.

WiiM Mini Measurements
My first tests were using Aiplay 2.0 as initiated by my Roon player. As usual, Airplay itself becomes the bottleneck as we see with Toslink digital out:

Wiim Mini Measurement Toslink Streamer Wifi Bluetooth.png

Not sure if Airplay forced the sample rate to change to 48 kHz or the device did it. Using it with analog out we get:

Wiim Mini Measurement Analog Streamer Wifi Bluetooth.png

While we are beating the company spec, performance is lackluster as is typically the case in this category of product. Noise performance is not great either:

Wiim Mini Measurement DNR Analog Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

There is however good news if you use the App and output over Toslink:

Wiim Mini Measurement Toslink Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

This is the best you can do with 24-bit dithered signal. At 141 dB, your limit then will be what your DAC can do as even state of the are units have a SINAD of 123 dB.

Using the same signal but now testing the analog output we get:

Wiim Mini Measurement Analog Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

So just a hair better than using Airplay. The internal DAC as expected, is a mass market product than high performance.

Using the same for jitter we have:

Wiim Mini Measurement Jitter Analog Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

Noise floor is fairly high which can hide a lot of sins.

Since my analyzer can’t control streaming devices, these are all the tests I can reasonably run. I think we have a good picture though.

Edit: by request, here is the frequency response from the internal DAC:

Wiim Mini Measurement Frequency Response Analog Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

Edit WiiM Mini ADC Analog In Measurements
Feeding the Mini analog input and capturing the same, gives this output:

Wiim Mini Measurement Analog in Analog Out Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

Performance is dominated by distortion. Switching to Toslink out to eliminate effect of the DAC we basically get the same result:

Wiim Mini Measurement Analog in Digital Toslink Out Streamer Android Bluetooth.png

So just like the DAC, this is a mass market ADC implementation. Good enough for common uses though but I would not route the clean output of any DAC through it.

If you use the App and Toslink output, you basically have a transparent wireless link to your stereo. Connect it to your favorite DAC and your performance will only be limited by the rest of your system. For me personally lack of Roon support is a big deal. I don’t want to use their App to play or stream content. I hope the company looks at supporting Roon endpoint. Analog output of the unit is just OK.



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